Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pics dont lie..

holla..we meet again.. today, i want to share a bit of my pics collection.. nice capturing the moments... the stories comes and gone.. but,im still here.. hoping for the best outcomes tomorrow.. huhu~ one picture of our best moment means everything to us. one picture has 1001 story in it..tears,happiness,sadness, who know... when we getting olds someday, we still can laugh after.. believe me.. a pic dont lie!

:: true feeling from the past.. he hugged his beloved dad.. but now,the memory still remain because, the pic still here.. for always.. al fatihah to opa's beloved abah.. ::

:: when i snap this pic, beside me is my along..argued with mawi,her son [yellow cloth].. And mawi just now,crying for a minutes of attention.. and his ceklin trying to comfort him.. ::

:: here is in at peak of hutan lipur ape tah.. still tired after climbing the hill but, because of one mission,here we are!~ capturing the innocent feeling in every ways.. ::

:: only us knew what happened this time.. true happiness striking our hearts.. i miss them damn so much~ ::

:: nice ar? this is my trip under Biro Tata Negara.. firstly,i didnt wanna go here but my heart strongly forced worth a thousands miles ::


nadim89 said...

study kt upm
chemical ngineerg...cne bleh follow blog beskal idaman?
knl die eh?..huhu

ami said...

ahaha..beskal ni kawan chat kat kc.. tp bukan chat sgt pon ngan dia.. hehe~

Heidi said...

kucing cantik!

ami said...

tenkiu2.. huhu~ kucing itu mmg cantik..wakaka


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