Tuesday, February 17, 2009

glow in the dark~~

Twinkle twinkle little star,
how i wonder what u are;
up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the celling????

ha.. no wonder la..hehe im hanging by a moment,tgh2 duk perkoyangan tu,snap je la siling bilik.. i was forced by my fingers to change the setting mode..hehe thus, i choose -ve film..hmm.. i actually dont really knew bout the setting..haha [beli mahal2 bukan nk blaja!!]

:: center of fan filled in with star.. mawi said,"its mine,not yours!!" ::

:: the mawi's star accompanied by others.. ::

:: haa..looks like mine.. the love one! ::

:: uh! oh! that's not mine..that opas' ::

:: all star hanging by a moment.. without my love ::

haha..jiwang pulak.. for your information, mine already fall down last year..keh3 but i didnt have a chance to tape it.. hihihi

before mawi and i fell asleep,we always chat each others.. where my star,where mawis'.. Mawi was really2 excited bout his star because i said, his star was sooooooo special..it placed in center of my room,like sun, the center of the milky way.. by the way, matahari or sun is mawi's fav song sang by agnes monika..hihi the unique is, his star spinning around..

i neglected to tell you with every fibers of my being,i really miss mawi..huuuu~~
come back home soon, 'anak dia'...


Anike MK said...

Siling bilik kamukan itu??

cathenclox said...

iyer..penuh dgn bintang2..ngeee~~

Anonymous said...

asal letk bintng lam kt siling?
cube letak pic daku.
kompem tido lena..

lolita said...

oOOOooOoOh!anak dia~~~

housemate aku pon rindu anak dia ngahahaha

cathenclox said...

beskal,bek aku letak gmbo opa aku.. huhu

cathenclox said...

hihihi esok anak dia balik..yeay!!

Anonymous said...

mana bintang opa

cathenclox said...

opa xde bintang la..opa punye yg love tu..hihi comey kan?

aMaLyN said...

xmabk gamba bite bilik haku!!1

cathenclox said...

wat gedio amek gmba bite bilik mung..xcamang pon..hahaha


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