Saturday, February 14, 2009

Im Missing You

My Dear,

So Many night I lay down and cry not knowing the reason why? Holding your photo and staring at you, uttering those sweet words just for you. I wish you can see me. I wish you can hear me. I wish you can kiss me and hold me tight. I have this pain deep inside. Longing for you each day and night. I'm missing you my Love.
I'm missing you so badly. If I think about the future, just you and me together. I find myself smiling, for I know it will happen soon. This waiting made me long for you more and more each day.
I love you my Darling. No matter how far, no matter how long the waiting may be. I will love you more and more each day. Now, I understand the reasons for those tears I shed. It was tears of joy of having you. Though distance between us kept us apart but I know it's only in body but never in heart. If I have one thing to thank right now... that's when you came into my life.

p/s: suddenly jer nk berjiwangan~~ ahaks ahaks


SaRaH NoRDiN said...

apsal ko jiwang sgt nie??
ko tingat kat opa ko kew??
ampess betol ..

akak ko nk kawen da kew??
ko jemput aku..aku xleh pegi...jauh sgt ..

cathenclox said...

aduy..sedih la aku gini ko xdapet datang..huuu~~~~


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