Monday, March 30, 2009

my trip~

[[ the pretty pink panthers ]]

here am start a story telling.
my trip to parit buntar was very fun.. sonok naek bas ngan members..huhu
i started my clinical at hospital parit buntar on 17 march 2009 ended 27 march 2009..what a short posting..
then,on weekend,my friends and i went to penang..we took a Bumiwira bus which took us for an hour to reach penang.. Since them still new to penang,thus, i showed them some good place..hohoho ++++i met opa..hihi
my last week posting,was very fascinating.. i learnt how to do and prepare Plaster Of Paris (POP),how to deal with haemodialysis patient and more..
I love to work at A&E.. there,i can use my critical thinking.. the unit was the busiet if there any traumatic accident..huh~ but still love it..ngee~
my last day at parit buntar,i flied to penang again..opa invited me at pekan parit and we went to penang together..hihi we hanged around penang as i will went back to kelantan on that night.. we made our promise.. every 3 months,we will meet doesnt mind in kelantan, penang or kl..
thats all..

[[ the making of POP ]]

[[ anywhere but here ]]

[[ Queensbay..Kingsbay.. ahaks~ ]]

[[ we got married ]]


dayah_blueberry said...

ko gie pOsting ke Ko gie ehem3???
ni kene repOt nie..

cathenclox said...

posting sambil ber ehem2..wakaka niat utama ,dating!! wakaka nawaitu aku da xbetui da..hoho

an2raya said...

bila nak kawen ni,hehehe

cathenclox said...

hehe.. sabar2..bakal diberitahu kepada semua nnt..hahaha


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