Saturday, October 31, 2009

Road To Bukit Jalil This 7e!

Still fresh ar.. Kelantan won this semi final against Perlis.. the final result was perlis 1 and kelantan 3. congrates to Kelantan! Takbir!!

meanwhile, N9 remain their fullest to beat Terengganu 3-1.. excellent!

so, the final must be very intently interesting! u know what, Kelantan will meet N9!!! its an unbelievable feeling.. but i hope no more 'rusuhan' happen,thought! hahaha

what ever it is, i'll going to shah alam, IF im in a good condition.
  1. my simulation at college happen to cancel!
  2. bro in law get the bola ticket first!
  3. the ticket to shah alam is available
  4. with parents and husband permission.. huuu
so, i must budject my saving.. RM100 is roughly enough ma.. then i pow my sister lar.. kah3 ampon!!

once again, good luck Kelantan! to Nor Farhan Muhamad (10), u r the best..! ur hetric goal is superb!! keep this boombastic performance as tonight in final! yahuuu!!

p/s:  see u in Bukit Jalil this 7/11/09..
 I come in peace.. (the famous word in Star Wars)



violetless said...

ko nk dtg bukit jalil tul2 ke weh?

cathenclox said...

hahaah ye ar.. aku ngah tunggu permisi bapak ku ini...
mintak2 dia kasi!


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