Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ted mosby's invention

its fun,rite?
just like a playground!
and kids would love it, ted!

kids can run freely~
haa! we see playground, mom!

im lovin it,dad!

so,whenever u calling out your kids, they will be down shortly,ted..
they can choose to walk or just slide down~
go go! kids~

what ever it is, we can put this pit stop!
library pit stop,ted!

this also can be my place whenever i want to be alone..
but make sure, barney didnt found out this little dittle place!

so,ted! this is the design i want to show u badly!
it consist 3 level..
and, u know the detail..
coz u are an architect~
show me ur unique architecture..
and make sure, dont ever put laser tag on our house!
i dont want uncle barney to disturb our kids..

a place that call home.. 
not GNB!


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