Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Myths That Are Wearing Thin

Once hair falls out, it wont grow back. Often hair loss can be corrected by altering diet, using medications or treating a specific medical cause, such as thyroid disease or anaemia.

How my hair is cut affects its growth. Hair growth begins in follicles under the surface of the scalp. So your haircut - short or long - has no effect on regrowth.

Changes to diet wont affect hair loss. Crash dieting or no consuming enough fats, protein or iron can contribute to hair loss. Once you correct your diet, hair will begin to grow again.

Dyeing my hair will cause it to fall out. "Hair dyes dont cause hair loss, they cause breakage," says Sharon Mintz, of family medicine at the University of Toronto. While your hair may break and fall out, it'll regrow at the root. So dyeing in moderate is OK.


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