Saturday, January 24, 2009

gewe ku dirampas...~

  • the story goes...
  • che amai called me on ym,i swang2 for awhile until mawi came to me..he convinced me to talk to che amai..i gave the headphone to him.. in my mind,hmm...'musti lame ni...'
  • after 5 minutes,he gave to me that headphone and dissappear from my sight...'aik,kejap jer?'
  • but it stand for 2 minutes i think until he came again and asked to talk to che amai..haiyaa.. he forced me liao... i dun wanna gave him anymore but he grabbed the headphone from me and gelak2 to me..huuuuu~ pity me... cruel aaa mawi...
  • here it is..mawi in action!!!~


lolita said...

hello kitty tu..

ami said...

hihi..lupe nak pokuskan hello kitty tadik..hahak


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