Friday, February 20, 2009

GENOME Richard Gere!~

:: Richard Gere hold the penggaru ::

HEY! I got a boombastic breaking news! Tis bout one GENOME was created. It happened a long long ago since I was a child one.. Richard Gere and Julia Robert were a creative and critis idols.. During a free time,they will discuss about their big superb ideas which will be created and show to all of us..

The GENOME that i told about is called penggaru.. for a specific detail about how penggaru got its name,plz refer to Richard Gere and Julia Robert..

Penggaru is made from a stick and hair brush.. The stick must be long atleast 20cm for a better garuan ..The hair brush should be in cylinder's shape for a great Range Of Motion [ROM] 360º..The hair brush will be joint the stick to form the GENOME.. Fantastic,right?

The usage of penggaru is:-
  • when u got itchy at your back,it is easier to use penggaru.
  • for a safety usage,this GENOME was created for 360º movement.
  • garu kaki pon boley
The advantage of penggaru is:-
  • portable item
  • home-made stuff
  • cheaper than other garuan machine
  • can rotate 360º
  • you can say," aahhh...syioookkk...!~" after us it.
The disadvantage of penggaru is:-
  • dislike by rich people..they said,"kodi nyo..xkelas lasum!~"
  • kampung-look
So,i want to add some extra ideas which can be upgrade by the penggaru's creator!
  • make it in vabriant colours
  • hair brush must be sphere in shape
This kind of thing,maybe found in Richard Gere and Julia Robert's house only.. But who know, this stuff maybe appear in somebody's house.. oh no! Dont get me wrong! Maybe it was stealed by others!!

But, Richard Gere and Julia Robert do not hungry for a money and popular, thus, they dont copyright this GENOME..uhhhh~~ Two of a kind..

For enquiry or wanna try it,please e-mail Richard Gere and Julia Robert at


p/s: Richard Gere: atuk saya. Julia Robert: nenek saya. Penggaru really2 exist in this world focusly at Malaysia..


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