Friday, March 13, 2009

just my luck~~

"I'm starting to drive again
Its getting too much
Not often that I slip up
Well its just my luck
Yeah yeah "

Yesterday, again, i drove long's car and went to college..

In 3km before reached the college,at traffic light,i saw police van surf in next lane.. my heart automatically beated so fast..too fast too furious.. hope for no bloakade,because i still not get the P license for car.. hohoho ..kui3

There you go,the green light pop-up.. so,i turn on my right and u know, how my heart was in analytic shock when i saw jpj's road block.. in my heart,

" dead meat! red caught...adoii".

dah la i have no P sticker to cover,only imigresen's sticker were in left side of infront mirror.. yet wore the pink suit..

But,i tried to calm down myself,and my eyes drooling to my left side..surprising me! the blackade only on motorist.. ESCAPED!..huhu syukran jazilan Allah..

when reaching the jpj's officer,i put up my hand with the slumberest face and it look like im driving to the moon..

for your information, i think im such a lucky person.. there were many road-block recently, but im always escaped.. i dont know why.. maybe,Allah still love me and He still want give me a chances..

just my luck..~

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