Wednesday, March 11, 2009

macam ketam~~

"seperti ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan dengan betul"

hmm..pna dengar x peribahasa tu? haa.. maksudnya, jika nak perbetulkan org len,cermin2 kan diri sendiri tu dulu,lihat samada diri tu betui ka idak.. mulut sedap duk tego,tp tuan empunya badan,ag tewok wooo~

this is the story,of how it is....

yesterday,i go to jeram linang with long and her new hubby, my bro and lil sis.. on my way back from jeram to umah atok, 'sinar' said to me,"drive slowly,this is kampung road,its very dangerous driving in fast situation".. at that time,i drove 60km/hour.. so, i maintained it and drive carefully..take care of everything might come up in front.
after jalan kampung,there was jalan raya,also can called highway.. if i was not mistaken, that was jalan pasir puteh..sorry if im wrong..haha xkan nak drive slow kot..highway,60km/hour,gila ah.. slow tahap dewa la beb.. 'sinar' advised me again,dont get too fast,nnt excident.. in my heart," menyampah la pulak mamat ni.."

after we break a while at umah atok for asar and maghrib prayer, we started back our journey.. now trip from machang to kb.. so,i gave the car key to 'sinar' as he want to drive it..

started from the beginning,he drove soooooooooooo fast... only Allah know how scared all of us.. at jalan kampung before we arrived at three junction,he accelerated about 120km/hour.. abe told me,he dont want to look infront as i typed in some message sound like this,

"oyak kakku sedak,xleh bwk laju,jale kapum..padahal dio tu,lagi laju dari aku.."

at last, i cannot stop my feeling to tell 'sinar',but just "iissssshhhhhh"..

but,he stepped the petrol's pedal hardly and drove like 'blinded pig'.. all we can do is pray to Allah to save our journey from any disaster..

oh! men.. why all of u so egoistic? want to show some power to ladies? i think,forget about it lol~~ we hate men with no moral and ethics..

p/s: i still not talk to 'sinar' since last night.. perhaps,he will understand why abe and i were a lil bit quiet today.. remember the phrase..


aMaLyN said...

hohoho..i know who is sinar..

the that one 'sinar banar' right??


cathenclox said...

ya~ that one.. berkilauan..

Anonymous said...

sape sinar tu ami? keunggulan cinta dari sinar mata?

Putera Arjuna said...

sinar tu sapa?
pakwe ko ek?
pakcik ko ek?
ayah ko ek?
abang ko ek?
sabor je la

FaRrA DeeN said...

Saba abe... saba... hihi...

FaRrA DeeN said...

Kot sinar tuh takut smetar ko ore tino bowok keto..., dio ingat kito nie lengut, kot?? Sakit ati menar, diss??

cathenclox said...

opa,sinar tu,org baru dalam keluarga ami..

cathenclox said...

xtahu la saim2 semo.. aku ok jah nga dio,tp doh dio xbetul,sapo xsakit ati..sedap2 nasihat ko kito..dio 2x5 kuasa kuda..hahaha


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