Wednesday, March 11, 2009


last night,i had a nightmare.. its about tsunami.. cant story in detail,cause its horrible.. and im still in "lub dub" situation.. at that time,i was in beach,playing the ombak,and suddenly, i saw a big water in front of looks like a phagositosis mechanism.. scary... on the spot,i ran towardly to my house..i ran as fast as i could and believe me,i left my hand bag at the beach.. it contained 6 thousand ringgit.. i must pay the yuran pengajian,but it all gone now.. hopefully,i was safe..i remember what cikgu along,my teacher at plkn,she always said "safety,safety" when we had our activity.. if i was dead at my dream, u know what will happen to me? maybe at tanah merah batu 2.. oh,Allah..forgive me of all my fault that i had done between u and really2 scare of your qada' and qadar.. im only small creature,and barely do nothing to fight the destiny.. indeed, you are really Maha Berkuasa and no one can challenge your one..even me.. amin..

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