Saturday, January 2, 2010

tanya "gu" dulu

there was a time.. jeng3..

23rd December 2009, had a baby boy was born on this earth.

all family members at a both sides were very happy over the birth.

then, problems have been settled about the baby, but new problems emerged when the seizure occurred a little gift to name the baby.

the mother and the child wanted a different name, mother-in-law wanted a different name, the father was dizzy dizzy-ma!

various baby names have been mentioned but the mother not consented to anything.

insisting that the mother, "I only gave birth to fortune,"

then, the mother asked to abahnya, how to solve this problem.

abahnya said, "I later ask gu lah. "

later, Abah also send SMS to say that the name selected is already appropriate. enough sense ~

this problem so that lasted a week ever, more or less la. hihi

so, the father shall discuss with the mother and finally agreed to take half-half option names to protect the hearts of both parties.

the past, be the name of Adam Irfan. hihi

4 days later, the mother returned home to his family for "berpantang". She asked, who 'gu' is meant. whether mufti or his friends.

He said, "not lah, abah use Google je."

hahaha funny,rite?



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