Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sorry.. désolé.. sumimasen..

its been so long... XD

what a time.. no post bout 1 month also..aigoo~~

all i want to say is sorry for not updating for a quite time..

been lot of things to do..yeah! sem 6 just here.

cant story how packed my schedule this semester..

plus, no semester break at all last sem~

btw,it is world cup season!

even my france has been kicked out early, i dont give a damn..

settle the crisis, grab this opportunity to give a shot next 4 years!

so,which team are you?



MK Kimi said...

Lamo xjenguk sini, lamo jgok demo xupdate.hehe...

ambo skg france jgok tp gak nok wat guano, keno tende awal2.haish..

cathenclox said...

tahu xpo..sedih la france xleh masuk.. xde rezeki.. hihi


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