Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kisah "J"

i got a story for u, and i believe, only kelantan language can do as such.. be proud of kelantanese! yuhhuuu~
so,the story start now...

jeng jeng jeng...
jali jonge jale-jale
jali jale....jale...
jale-jale, jupo jenab janda..
jenab janda jual jagung..
jenab: "jagung...jagung.."
jali jamoh je jenab..
jenab jawak, "jange jali jange..."
jali jamoh jugok..
jenab jerit jerit..

ok..aku xigt ending dia..haha well, it a nice story in 20th century. I dont remember the exact Sabri Yunus's version in Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu when he compete with Mat Deris. :)


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