Thursday, January 22, 2009

sunrise in sight!

i woke up sooooo early today actually.. maybe recently my lect have started,which is needing me to get out from my dream early2 in the moring liao..haha inadvertently, the classes had been cancelled due to CNY's holiday.. hihi so,here am i, in a room for a two person (ngan mawi aa),larger than my hostel..keh3
firstly,saje2 jer i captured the skies.. but, the sun really2 at the back of my house focusly at my windows. and look nice when it rise.. believe me..the wait is worth!! u know what? it takes a little bit of time to sunrise..
fyi,at the back was a construction of terminal makanan negara kowt.. igt2 lupe.. because kelantan is nearer to thailand,and thai also export their goods to malaysia, gov think,kelantan is a suitable stage to recieving the beras2,sayur2,buah2 and more.. haha
take a look.. what a wonderful world..~
:: 7.12 am ::

:: 7.34 am ::

:: 7.35 am ::

:: 7.36 ::

:: 7.37 ::

:: 7.38 am ::

:: 7.39 am ::

:: 7.40 am ::

:: 7.41 am ::

:: 7.42 am ::

:: 7.43 am ::

:: 7.44 am ::

:: 7.45 am ::

:: 7.46 am ::

:: 7.47 am ::

i stopped my captured as i got a call from my mom..hoho when i want to snapped again,the sun was faded by the clouds and began to shine.. so, i quit! wakaka


Putera Arjuna said...

alhamdulillah...indah sungguh ciptaan ALLAh..syukur padaNya..Heheheh

ami said...

syukran jazilah..haa..tgk..kan da kua bahasa arab tuu..

ami said...


Anonymous said...

lawa seyh..
umah ko katne??
nak mai gak.
nak usya matahari~

ami said...

umah aku kat klate la..ade brani ke nk dtg? keh3 hehe


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