Friday, November 6, 2009

Banjir / Boh in Kelantan

haa.. lets me tell u first.. kelantanese also called banjir as BOH.. not tea BOH ar, diz is different.. but the colour of the tea BOH and BOH (banjir/flood) almost same if the tea mixed up with milk..wuakakaka

this atmosphere happened in my neighbourhood, boh again.. i had a posting bout this boh before..

no more to tell the story,but pictures tell everything..

:: budu(blue) raised his hands after helping our neighbour ::

:: the higher place than the flood one is TEMAN under FAMA ::

:: 2 budak itam crowded the flood,as always ::

:: the tali air viewed from skybridge..haha ::

:: my dad helped others to make a quick drain on the road ::

 :: its true gotong royong is amalan mulia ::

:: underneath pokok klapak! i will wait for u..~ ::

i hope, FAMA will review this problem as priority case.. its not first time this happened,but twice.. banana not fruit twice,so do flood.. (aku rase klako aje peribahasa aku tu..)

till then,bye2..



kenwooi said...

must be devastating huh? =)

cathenclox said...

yes, of course..

hopefully, peti sejuk and others electrical things safe..
my neighbour car also in a safe zon, now..


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