Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RM50 gone every week!

weird or not?
yes! its true..
my rm50 always gone every week!
dont blame on others,but i spent rm200 a month for this thing!

i spent for petrol.
hard to say, petrol price in our coutry are the highest among developing country!
even we are petroleum producer, but why??? why we need to pay rm1.75 per liter for RON 95?

i remembered one thing. 5 years back, the petrol price only RM1 per liter. it rose during economic crisis, but could not down when economy was stabil. weird!
in saudi arabia, the price is lower than us! in indonesia also. 

but im glad, malaysia petrol is lower than singapore and thailand!

for more information, u can check here.

we sell our petroleum to other country,but we used unquality's petrol. so, its not suprisingly malaysian car's engine easily to damage!

believe or not, my rm50 still gone every week for petrol car!

*i hope,someday, it will be the reasonable price.. no more increase!



asna cute said...

nasib baik asna xpki kereta..

cathenclox said...

huhu..asna,tu baru kat kelantan tau, pegi balik kolej..kalau kat kl ke,mesti lebih lagi..ye la,traffic jam tu menyebabkan minyak cepat abes.


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